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The Power of Dreams


The Power of Dreams

At one of the newest and biggest bookstores in Tokyo, Japan, you can find one section devoted to the books of one author. The titles are, The Power of Cleaning To Make Your Dreams Come True, Change Yourself with The Power of Cleaning, Solve Your Problems by The Power of Cleaning. These books are all bestsellers.

This is the story of Mr. Masuda, a man who achieved his dreams of success. He is the author of The Power of Cleaning series. Since he published his first book in 2005, he has gone on o publish 13 books within two years and more than one million copies of the books have been sold.

Revealing the State of Your Mind

Mr. Masuda explains, “The power of cleaning integrates leaning and the Laws of the Mind. I often say that your home represents the state of your mind. The state of your home shows what state your mind is in. By taking the action of cleaning, you can actually clean your mind. If you do this, you will not only be able to clean your home, but at the same time, you will have a revolutionary change in your mind-state. And that is how you can change your life.”

Destroyed Hopes and Dreams of Success

It was not easy for Mr. Masuda to achieve his dreams of success. Ten years earlier he was in the midst of a terrible ordeal. When he was 27, he had jumped at an offer to start his own business. His main motivation at the time was to make a lot of money as fast as he could. Before long, he found himself bankrupt. Soon after, he went through a divorce. His hopes and dreams of success were destroyed. The only thing he had left was a huge amount of debt.

“When I was in the depths of disappointment,” he recalls, “my place was a dump. That is when one of my friends came over and told me I had to stop living like that. He opened the window and the wind raised the dust in the room. Seeing it I was embarrassed. Then, my friend told me to start by cleaning the toilet. While I was cleaning, all the feelings that I had pent up came out and I burst into tears. When I finished cleaning my place, I could really feel that I could start life over again. That was the very first moment I realized the power of cleaning.”

The Power of Cleaning Was A Ray of Light

The power of cleaning came into his life like a ray of light. Mr. Masuda got a job at a house cleaning company and restarted his life. That was when another ray of light was able to shine into his life. A friend gave him Master Okawa’s book, The Laws of the Sun, and Mr. Masuda started learning the spiritual laws.

From The Laws of the Sun, he learned the purpose and the mission of life as well as the meaning of hardships and suffering. He was deeply touched by the words in the book. Impressed, he decided to learn Master Ryuho Okawa’s teachings and he started going to seminars at Happy Science and volunteering. One day, he received an inspiration.

“I had many discoveries through studying and taking seminars at Happy Science, but I was never quite sure how those discoveries were connected to my cleaning job. One day, when I was doing volunteer cleaning at the Happy Science temple, I received the inspiration “Cleaning is powerful.” That is when I thought of the term “The Power of Cleaning.” My inner voice then said, “If you clean with your whole heart, you can produce a positive energy through cleaning.”

With a selfless mind, Mr. Masuda continued volunteering and deepened his discoveries. “I thought about how I could clean the temple so that people would smile when they visited. Until then, it was all about how I could make myself feel better, but my mind changed from benefiting myself to being of help to others.”Mr. Masuda gradually began to wish to contribute to the other’s happiness by using his knowledge and skills.

The Law of Like-Attracts-Like

Mr. Masuda explains, “As I learned in Master Okawa’s books, ‘like attracts like.’ This is the spiritual law that minds of the same wavelength attract each other. So, I understood that it was the same as when a room becomes messy, and it attracts more messiness. If you live in a messy place, you create a negative energy around you that attracts unhappiness. But the act of throwing things out will clear the way for you, bringing an innovation into your life. It is one of the most effective ways to change. Now whenever I hit a wall, I get rid of something so that I can experience an innovation and take a step forward. I thought this kind of idea could really help other people as well.”

melaluiThe Power of Dreams.

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The Courage to Live Creatively

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The Courage to Live Creatively

It was back in 2002, when my company, Aura, had just established its own original product brand and its name was fast becoming renowned throughout the industry. My business was doing great but, at home, I had just learned that my wife had joined Happy Science which was a different religion from the one that I followed.

My name is Mr. Nonomura, and this is a chapter from my Workbook of Life in how I summoned the courage to live more creatively in my business.

“Self-reflection leads to progress”

I was a long time believer of Tenrikyo*; therefore, I was skeptical about Happy Science. Ever since I lost my father at the age of 14, Tenrikyo had been my emotional support throughout my life, helping me through those tough days when I was working like crazy to support the family and my own education.

*Tenrikyo: A Japanese religion that emerged in the 1800s.

However, the change that Happy Science brought upon my wife was hard to ignore. She became a gentler person and she said things that sometimes amazed me. She even quit smoking – something I had never been able to get her to do. I became curious to know what was written in the books she was reading and studying so earnestly.

What I found were teachings that gave answers to questions I had harbored for a long time and which gave direction on how to progress towards the future. One of the teachings that left a special impression on me was on how self-reflection leads to progress: reflecting on yourself and correcting your mistakes is progress for you as an individual. I decided I would join Happy Science and study these teachings further. However, although I could understand how self-reflection would help clear your mind, I had yet to fully realize how self-reflection would lead to progress.

Soon I was given an opportunity to obtain a shop space in a commercial complex situated in a prime location in Kyoto. This was a great opportunity for the company and, though I was well aware of the risks, I decided to take it. To my surprise, all my employees were against the idea. I ignored their disapproval and went ahead with it anyway, hoping that the success in the new venture would bring them around. However, the rift between myself and my employees grew, and sales performance faltered.

Did I make the right decision? Three weeks had passed after the store opening but the confidence in my decision was waning. That was when my wife suggested I visit a Happy Science temple near Lake Biwako to practice a meditation called, “The Four Season Meditation.”

Awakening to True Progress

I was in the midst of the ‘winter meditation’ when I saw my past clearly, as if it was reflected on the surface of a lake. I saw myself pursuing my dreams of success with little regard for my family and with no appreciation for my employees because I thought I was doing all the work myself.

“Maybe I had become arrogant in thinking that I could do everything the way I wanted to?” I thought. “My employees’ opposition is biting cold like the wind in winter, but perhaps it’s a gift from God for me to wake up to the importance of the people around me…”

That was when I realized that what was lacking in me was: gratitude. In that instant, I felt myself slipping free of the heavy layers of pride and desire for prestige and fame that covered my heart. Then tears ran down my cheeks as I became overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who had supported me so far.

The last part of the meditation required me to draw a picture of my past, present and future. I was born and raised in rural Japan, so my expectations of how far I would get in life were not so high. But as I drew freely, I suddenly saw a vision of myself soaring to achieve great things on a global scale and even in the field of space technology.

“What is this!? Is this the future me?” I could scarcely believe I could rise to such heights. Until then, I carried a sense of guilt about achieving success. A bitter experience of having to help pay for a relative’s huge debt when his company went bankrupt ten years ago had made me think, “It’s better to lead a mediocre life than to cause problems for a lot of people by trying to succeed big and failing.” But Happy Science taught differently.

“If your personal happiness is the kind of happiness that will lead to the happiness of all humankind… then that is the right kind of thought; it will cause no problems when it is realized. This is the kind of thought that you should aim for, the kind in which your personal happiness and the happiness of humankind can be realized as one.”

[The Laws of Happiness | Published by Lantern Books]

I discovered that my anxieties came from not knowing that one can realize both one’s own happiness and that of others too. If my company’s success and expansion are for the sake of benefiting the world, then it’s a good thing. This realization gave me enormous encouragement and swept away al l my worries. I had a tendency to blame my employees whenever things didn’t go as planned, but I was determined to change that. To stop the harsh words from leaving my mouth, I took a deep breath whenever I felt it coming and calmed my mind. In this way, I worked to mend the rift between myself and my employees. I had finally learned what it meant to leap from self-reflection to progress.

melaluiThe Courage to Live Creatively.

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Adversity is the Biggest Opportunity

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Adversity is the Biggest Opportunity

This is the story of Mr. Inoue and how he had experienced three bankruptcies before realizing what real success actually us.

A Tough Childhood

Growing up I was already despondent about life. My father was a gambler who loved to bet on horses. We lived luxuriously when he won big, but when he fell into a losing streak, we were so poor my parents couldn’t even afford to buy me shoes for school. Worse, he was generous to a fault and often ended up shouldering his friend’s debts. It wasn’t just once or twice that debt-collectors came banging at our door, and once we even had to abandon the house in the night to escape them. My dream to someday become president of my own company became my only hope out of that kind of life.

Wealth at 28

I realized my dream when I was 28. After graduating from college, I worked for a foreign-owned insurance company for several years and then became independent. Japan was in the midst of the so-called “bubble economy” and my new business did tremendously well until one morning stock prices plunged nation wide, and my company went bankrupt after only four short months of business.

I was somewhat shocked, but immediately jumped into starting my next business as a secretary-service provider. Once again I was successful and I was rich. Renting a luxury 800,000 yen/month (US $8,000/month) condo and living extravagantly, I was utterly confident in my entrepreneurship. On top of that, my sense of money was totally paralyzed – I was going through millions of yen (tens of thousands of dollars) every month with no memory of what I spent it all on.

Discovering the Meaning to Life

Around that time, a customer recommended that I read books of Happy Science, and I began to read these books that spoke of “Buddha’s Truth.”

“Humans are born with a life plan in order to polish their souls.” “Calamities and hardships also provide food for polishing your soul.”

The many questions I had about life were dispelled as I read more and more of the books. Convinced that these teachings were real, I soon joined as a member but although I was moved by the teachings, old habits die hard and my extravagant lifestyle remained unchanged. Before long, the competition in the secretary service business intensified. Unable to continue making a profit, I had to close that company as well.

melaluiAdversity is the Biggest Opportunity.

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Seeing Myself from a New Perspective


Seeing Myself from a New PerspectiveI discovered Happy Science in 1987 and have been a member ever since. For every retreat that I joined, I left feeling full of light. For this time, I was able to understand the Eightfold Path and about self-reflection. My name is Lyn, I come from New Zealand and these are the discoveries I made at this autumn 2010 retreat…Seeing My True MindIn meditation, you are meant to step out of yourself and look upon yourself from above. However, when seeing themselves, many people may think, “No, that’s not me. It couldn’t be me.” I was quite like this myself.During the retreat, I could easily perceive my family situation. I know that most part of me is good – I try and do good Happy Science work in my community and act like a member of something so wonderful. However, my husbandand my three kids know me warts and all. I could see the amount of ugliness that I was holding in my mind. If I were to go to the other world, it would be a weight pulling me down. Sometimes I am screaming and yelling at my kids wanting them to obey me and I think to myself, “Angels of light can’t be around this vibration,” but I just can’t stop it.

melalui Seeing Myself from a New Perspective.

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