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Adversity is the Biggest Opportunity

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Adversity is the Biggest Opportunity

This is the story of Mr. Inoue and how he had experienced three bankruptcies before realizing what real success actually us.

A Tough Childhood

Growing up I was already despondent about life. My father was a gambler who loved to bet on horses. We lived luxuriously when he won big, but when he fell into a losing streak, we were so poor my parents couldn’t even afford to buy me shoes for school. Worse, he was generous to a fault and often ended up shouldering his friend’s debts. It wasn’t just once or twice that debt-collectors came banging at our door, and once we even had to abandon the house in the night to escape them. My dream to someday become president of my own company became my only hope out of that kind of life.

Wealth at 28

I realized my dream when I was 28. After graduating from college, I worked for a foreign-owned insurance company for several years and then became independent. Japan was in the midst of the so-called “bubble economy” and my new business did tremendously well until one morning stock prices plunged nation wide, and my company went bankrupt after only four short months of business.

I was somewhat shocked, but immediately jumped into starting my next business as a secretary-service provider. Once again I was successful and I was rich. Renting a luxury 800,000 yen/month (US $8,000/month) condo and living extravagantly, I was utterly confident in my entrepreneurship. On top of that, my sense of money was totally paralyzed – I was going through millions of yen (tens of thousands of dollars) every month with no memory of what I spent it all on.

Discovering the Meaning to Life

Around that time, a customer recommended that I read books of Happy Science, and I began to read these books that spoke of “Buddha’s Truth.”

“Humans are born with a life plan in order to polish their souls.” “Calamities and hardships also provide food for polishing your soul.”

The many questions I had about life were dispelled as I read more and more of the books. Convinced that these teachings were real, I soon joined as a member but although I was moved by the teachings, old habits die hard and my extravagant lifestyle remained unchanged. Before long, the competition in the secretary service business intensified. Unable to continue making a profit, I had to close that company as well.

melaluiAdversity is the Biggest Opportunity.

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