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Nama: I Made Garsana

Jurusan: Seni Petunjukan/Pedalangan



Dharmawangsa told Arjuna was accosted by two men as well as clown-servants I Twalen and

I Werdah at the Pengastrian Hall in the Palace of Indra Prastha. The purpose of his visit

Arjuna facing Dharmawangsa namely Arjuna expressed his intention that the will be

imprisoned in Mount Kusuma to implore divine grace.

The Dharmawangsa welcomed the idea of his sister and advised to remain true to the lofty

and noble goals it.
The Arjuna pretended as envoy of King Duryodhana. After arriving at the royal park,

then saw the girls there are going to enjoy the beauty of nature.
The closer she noticed. And then occur frequently asked questions.

The Arjuna changed its name in accordance with his face looks sissy named

Tingting Ni juice. Delivering news Astina King’s presencesoon. Them together to the palace.

As mentioned Astina King Duryodhana came to the country Walederi accompanied by a

complete army, intending to woo Diah Gunakesi. Toward evening, King was greeted by

custom Astina palace. After staying one day, Duryodhana next escorted into the park where

the empress and princesses. But what happened? Instantly his face turned, hot and trembling

with rage after seeing Arjuna overwhelmed’re petting flirt with Diah Gunakesi.

Sense of disappointment and resentment ablaze. Immediately report the situation to the

King Gunakesa. Noting the fact that there is no second thought, was ordered to shut Arjuna

by deploying an entire army of the Kingdom Walederi and Astina. Heavy fighting ensued

and lasted somewhat longer. Each trying to survive, many casualties on both sides of Astina

and Walederi, but the Karna helped. Almost Sang Sang Arjuna can be killed by Karna.

Each issue of his power. Narada Bhegawan down to Indra Prasta to notify the events being

experienced by Arjuna. In order to quickly help the Bima. With a sense of shock liver,

Dharmawangsa decreed to be immediately sent reinforcements. Shortly after that,

the Pandavas had arrived with full force under the leadership of Chess Pandavas and

Sri Krishna. There is no thinking anymore flee fighting a more powerful response.

Which led to King and King Astina Walederi knees no way out. There is no other path taken

by them that is all running to the Land of Astina. Please report to the protection and

Bhisma Rsi for the actions of the Pandava Arjuna and actions violate the norms of law and

decency. Walederi kingdom burned by Arjuna. Hearing reports Walederi King and Astina,

then Rsi Bhishma advises and brothers to reconcile the conflict by giving advice about

the history and the history of the Pandavas and the happenings of dharma teachings of religion.


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