monkeys in bali

This post was written by madegarsana on Desember 29, 2011
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  Unlike elephants which were never found in bali-but are now thanks to its theme

parks -or tigers,which once prowled the jungles but do no longer,unfortunately

monkeys have always benn in plentiful supply here.I’m not a fan.iI don’t trust

screeching mischievous parodies of humans.So, whenever I have visitors who

want to go to one of the monkey forests ,I take them,but unwillingly and not

without anxiety.

      I follow certain rules : I leave my camera at home coz I know that if I bring it I

will never see it again, I make sure my wallet and keys are pushed deep into

a zippered or buttoned pocket, I never wear a hat or sunglasses.

     I urge my guests to heed my warnings but often in vain.It looks like calm and

friendly but when you try to touch them they will see you their teeth,so be very carefully when you have a trip to a monkey forest ,do not ever touch the monkeys !TKS

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