Januari 24th, 2014

sexy glamHere I made ​​a design with a silhouette wearing L. silhouette L is a variation of the various forms of dress silhouettes , can be given an extra in the back with a long form / drapery . This form is usually seen in bridal wear .

This dress is composed of superiors and subordinates . superiors in the picture is the kebaya , and subordinates look like a long flowing skirt . kebaya in the images is modified . materials to make kebaya on the image is raised brocade dark brown , golden brocade arise , tile adjust the color and sequin colored dark brown and old gold . brocade fabric is a type of fabric that is rich in decoration , often created using colored silk , without gold and silver threads .

Brocade is a kind of fabric that brings its own charm that looks luxurious and elegant impression immediately reflected on the wearer . I chose dark brown brocade and gold -colored because they have the impression of an old klasik.coklat color has to eleganan high enough , while the gold color is a color that is luxurious , expensive , demand a lot of people . after that were decorated with colored sequins and golden brown parents to have the impression of luxury , elegance , and has a very high selling value .

ancillary material in the skirt to wear batik cloth brownish yellow , black sequins , and wear ornaments around it using lace fabric / lace black . Batik is the process of writing a picture or decoration on any media by using wax batik ( wax / night ) as a color barrier , the fabric has a distinctive style and motifs , as lay people familiar with batik motifs . while the lace fabric is a material that is more widely used for decoration accesories or just part of the dress . subordinate to the skirt made ​​fractional , so that makes the impression of more sexy . The fringe skirt and sequin lace fabric given black and gold sequin sprinkled a little bit . I gave a black fringe on the skirt subordinates so that its center point is on the edge .