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By fandyuliartha



The Reason that i named it “Unknown” because this model wearing burqa than i don’t know her because i dont see her mouth so i didn’t know who is she.

Burqa also known as chadri in Central Asia is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies when in public.

The face-veiling portion is usually a rectangular piece of semi-transparent cloth with its top edge attached to a portion of the head-scarf so that the veil hangs down covering the face and can be turned up if the woman wishes to reveal her face. In other styles, the niqāb of the veil is attached by one side, and covers the face only below the eyes, allowing the eyes to be seen. Burqa is an Arabized Persian word of purda (parda) meaning curtain and veil, which have the same meaning in Persian. The Quran has no requirement that women cover their faces with a veil, or cover their bodies with the full-body burqua or chador.

I used low key photography technique that i shoot black  object with black background too.
The challange of this technique is how i shoot the black object and the black background is not adhere,so i used the direct light came from window little bit.

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