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Clothing is a basic human needs to be met , because its basic function is to protect the body and the fulfillment of the element of decency , in addition to other functions such as : a tool to express themselves and show one’s social status .
The definition of fashion in general , is anything worn by a person from head to toe , including a complementary fashion , tatarias tatarias face and hair .

According to my party dress evening party dress that is worn for the party and made ​​it more special than other clothing , both in terms of materials , design , decoration , and stitching techniques . Used during a party dress party , where such clothing is divided by the time morning, noon , night .

A . Classification party dress , grouped into :

1.a. morning party dress
Morning or afternoon party dress is wearing the clothes on festive occasions between 09.00-15.00 . This party dress is made from material that is smooth , soft , absorb sweat and shiny , while the color selection should choose colors that are natural and not too dark .

1.b. Evening party dress
Evening party dress is wearing the clothes on occasion in the late afternoon . Material selection should be somewhat soft textured material with a bright color or slightly darker color and not prominently .

1.c. Evening party dress
Evening party dress is wearing the clothes on the occasion of a party in the evening . The selection of material that is finer-textured and soft . Fashions fancy or glamorous look . Colors used more striking , both modes or more luxurious decorations .

1.d. Formal evening party dress

Formal evening party dress is the clothing worn at the time of the official , fashion is still simple , normally closed sleeves that looks neat and polite but still looks luxurious .

1.e. Gala evening party dress

Clothing fashion evening party is a party that is in use at night for festive occasions , with the characteristics of an open fashion , glamor , luxury . For example : backlees , decolette look and others.

1.2 . Characteristics of a party dress
To produce a nice party dress and high quality need to consider the characteristics of a party dress , among others :
A. ) silhouette party dress
In my opinion , the silhouette of party dress fashion design is the structure that absolutely must be made ​​in a design , the silhouette is the outline ( shadow ) of a fashion .
Classification of silhouettes divided several kinds :
1.basic shape
Classification according to the basic shape silhouette differentiated into three , namely :
A ) straight silhouette or pipe (straigh/ tabular).
B ) the silhouette of a bell ( bell-shape/bouffant shilouette).
C ) silhouette stand out ( bustle shilouette).

B ) . Materials fashion party
The materials used are usually selected for a party dress materials of high quality and able to give rise to the impression of luxury . These materials include bright translucent materials such as brocade , tulle , organdy , chiffon , velvet , lace , lame , silk , and others .
A party dress that is in use in general is a material that sparkles, bright translucent materials , luxurious and expensive once it is made .
There are four things that must be considered in the selection of clothing , namely : selecting materials according to design , select materials in accordance with the conditions of the wearer , choose material appropriate to the occasion , and select materials according to the family finances .

C. ) color party dress
The colors used in the manufacture of a party dress usually looks luxurious and sparkling . For the evening party dress usually use striking colors / bright . Soft colors such as purple , blue , and white and dark colors / dark like , bright red and dark blue .
In its common colors used for evening party dress is that it contains elements of red , black , gold , silver or shiny colors .

The purpose and function of fashion

At its beginning , the purpose of a person wearing clothing only to : protect the body from the effects of weather / climate around it , then it evolved to meet the needs of a sense of decency and a sense of beauty , and is a reflection of the culture of a particular region or community . But with the changing times , the purpose of dress is becoming increasingly complex other than those mentioned above , namely :
– meet the elements of ethics and aesthetics .
– cover of privacy for the Muslims .
– cover defects or deficiencies in the body .
– shows the person’s identity .
– indicate socioeconomic status .
– into one’s lifestyle .

The types of clothing
Diverse types of fashion , making fashion experts classify into two parts , namely :
fashion – in
outer – clothing

Clothing in , usually used directly on the body , or wear before wearing outer clothing , such as shorts , bras , singlets , corsets , longtorso .

Outer clothing , usually worn after wearing the clothes in , for example : school clothes , work clothes , and others .

Outer clothing or clothing that looks worn by a person , there are also various kinds , and are usually tailored to the circumstances of the wearer .
The types of clothing are:
1.Busana relaxed
Clothing is often referred to as everyday clothing , which is clothing worn for daily activities within the home or surrounding . Everyday clothing is usually loose and relaxed impressed using cool materials or absorb sweat .

Fashion school / college .
Is a garment worn to go to school or to college . Fashion school / college uniforms usually a practical mode , and strong material , while the more casual dress style lectures and tidy .

Work clothing is clothing that used to work , work clothes have different characteristics according to the type of work , for example : mechanic , teachers , doctors , construction workers .

Clothing is a fashion party that used to attend an event or a dinner party , whether it is formal , semi-formal or non-formal . If one accepts a party invitation should pay attention to the type of party , there may dresscode or type of clothing that should be worn , in order to avoid wrong costumes .

Leisure clothing is clothing that is used when someone is going to relax / recreation . This dress has a lot of fashion choices , but keep in mind is , where the goal ; mall , mountain , beach , playground , and others . The selected mode should be relaxed , as well as footwear , choose a comfortable on the feet .

Sports clothing is clothing that is worn when a person is exercising, what type of exercise is done will determine the choice of clothing and shoes or equipment , for example : football , basketball , tennis , golf , swimming .

Clothing fashion is a special moment that is used at certain moments , this fashion typically use materials , fashion and special sewing technique as well . Special clothing often use expensive materials , modes that are difficult and complicated sewing techniques .

The figure below is a sketch that was designed by myself.The inspiration I get from various fashion magazines and internet media then I developed back into a very beautiful dress concept when in use to the night party.


I created two fashion sketches to a night party (dress) that looks elegant with using the hats, streamers and umbrella for the accessories. Here I make the models ‘longdress’ I made this longdress models, because in my opinion, this long dress models have an accent or look glamor and luxury to the wearer.


For the selection of materials, I chose the fabric type SATIN, because its material has a rubbery texture so easy to adjust the sewing and body shape of the wearer. Satin is a key ingredient in the manufacture of dress for the party tonight, the second material is a material that is complementary fabric Furing, Furing is thin fabric which has the function to absorb perspiration due to its basic satin or its main ingredient is rather thick so it will feel the heat if used for too long.


In addition to absorbing sweat, it also serves as a Furing cloth fabric cover, so that underwear is not visible, there is some type of satin transparent, therefore indispensable Furing material usage. The model I created the dress by wearing a silhouette ‘triangle’, with a small form at the top and flare at the bottom. In addition to the selection of good material, color selection also determines the final outcome of the clothes look good or not.


To adjust the color selection with color we like, but in general her to dress more dominant use of black, red or purple. in my opinion, black, red and purple are very suitable in use for night party events, as it will look more luxurious and feels more relaxed to enjoy the party. For the technique of making the dress could use a sewing manual machine or electric machine.


in addition to using the machine in the manufacture of dress, we also make a way in sewing manually by hand, because there are some parts that can not be at the sewing machine, for example at the bottom of the skirt should be hand sewn to look like not sewn. In addition there are longdress, mini dress also is the right choice for those wishing to go to a night party but still want to look elegant and sexy.


Back to longdress, the first design that I designed that has a ribbon at the waist line, and in the second picture I attach the ribbon on the side of the left knee. From both my design, the visible difference in his first picture, has a line of body circumference, and waist circumference have lines.


While the second picture, it is a channel that does not have a dress waist line, but has a pleated skirt and accumulation. Few tips from me, so that men and women could be his special attention to the style of dress, her every day because we will be seen by the people and we should be able to distinguish his clothing to the streets, to the office or to school, to the beach or clothing for her to sleep in order to avoid wrong costumes.


Each person has individual characteristics, it can be in plain view of the way they dress, for men I suggest to still look trendy with a simple style. Men who are well dressed and polite, will look good anyway. For everyday clothes could use shirts and pants and knee-length for a special occasion or formal, could use a shirt with jeans and shoes.


For thin-bodied men who could use a shirt or light colored shirt such as white, blue. that does not look skinny. And for the big boys can use plain clothes air and dark-colored material (black, brown). For women, the same as men, but its different in its choice of fabrics. To that skinny could use patterned fabric types, for a big man could use the type of fabric that’s plain.


And that’s few of my exposure, if there are anythings less obvious in my preparation, I beg an apologize. Thank you so much for your attention.

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