UAS BHS INGGRIS (futuristic design)




Futuristic is a design that give an impression of a picture about the future as well from the model and also from the pieces which been used. And on this designi am using a futuristic theme. The reason why i want to make a futuristic theme design is because I interested with the people curiousity about future description in their imagination.


Some of them imagine if the future would dominated with silver colour or fluorescent colour. Then the future citizens would wear unique dresspieces and impressed alike as an outer space suit.


But, i will ignore their imagination. That is why this design i want to explain that i will not using silver colour or even fluorescent colour. Because it’s too commonly used and i decide to try with chilly colours in order to make the futuristic dress description will be look more sweet and not monoton with bright colours


On this on this design i used siluet A. With the upper part like a corset and lower part is ballon’s skirt which expanded, added with addition pieces from waist to below to impressed about futuristic.


For the corset upper part, i’ll give it pink colour and nirmana strips detail in order to give an unique impression by using bright colours.


And for the upper piece from the ballon’s skirt, i’ll use gradiation purple colour from bright to dark. Then i’ll give it it detail with many shape of stones


Then for the ballon’s skirt, i’ll give it purplish pink gradiated colours. Meanwhile, about this dress, i’ll use a gleamy material like sateen as the futuristic element.


Then, about the legs part. It will bewearing a pair of thigh long stockings with indigo coloured lace on the upper part of the stockings as the addition. And the boots, it will using the unique model boots and using puple plus indigo colours. I’ll added the strips detail on the heels to impressed the uniquety of the future.


Next and the last is hair. For the hair colour i choose an ombre colours between black, burgundy and brown. And for the hairstyle i choose a classical curly and high combade style. Why? Because by my opinion, the fashion world,s rotation is always the same and it isn’t impossible if on the future the peoples would use the classical clocky hair style.


For the final word, i want to explain why  i give so many detail of nirmana. That’s because the future still difficult to predicted and still considered as an abstract. And it’s enough to be represented with abstractive art which is nirmana.


With that all, these is my design with a futuristic theme.


Halo dunia!

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