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“Mekotekan Ritual in Munggu Village”

Selasa, Januari 28th, 2014


Camera      : canon 1000D

Lensa         : Fisheye

Ekposure  : 1/50

Iso speed    : 320

Bali still keep the rich tradition and culture of our ancestors are still preserved until only one such raid sekarang.SalahMekotek or often called MekotekMunggu Village , Badung regency which still remains to this day the feast is celebrated in this Mekotek raided kuningan.Prosesi followed by 12 local banjar village Munggu . Mekotek raid is a ritual that uses wood usually means the most widely used of the type pulet played together to celebrate the victory of Dharma ( goodness ) against adharma ( evil ).

Mekotek ritual is usually performed in the courtyard of Pura village by the young men or fathers , society dominated by men young and old all dressed in traditional clothes carrying a lightweight wooden stick measuring approximately three to four feet walking hand in hand toward the temple desa.Mendekati temple area village unites them stick to each other in a way that they hold banging his stick until it resembles a triangle building towering into langit.

Penyatuan this raises a very noisy sound that make the participants more excited . Then she sticks abuzz already fused and even then they carry around in circles until finally returning berpisah.Tak rarely stick when dispersed , some residents affected by the stick . but does not necessarily make them upset or angry , instead they bounced back with a feeling and a smile that was hit puas.Para participants had to give up her wand to rise to a collection of sticks from the participants who lain.Karena this ritual has often implemented and already used to it though a blow stick or fall off the end of a stick set of participants who took part should not be that upset .

The ritual is carried out every six months the Balinese calendar has been around since 1934. But just starting preserved since 1946 after residents Munggu free of gerubug or plague . It was said , was so excited citizens free from the disease , then they brandished their spears miliki.Tombak in the eyes of the Dutch colonial time was symbolized as perlawanan.Namun as the development time and means the spear time now replaced with a piece of wood .

There is also another version of Mekotekan in the Village District MungguBadung.TradisiMekotekMunggu citizens who have been held for generations related to history King Munggu , who went to Blambangan to expand territory . At the battle of King Munggu win and return to Munggu with all its troops . The army joy spears raised goes to the village . Even as the army itself that causes injury . Seeing the incident , the king meditated in Wesasa and get a clue that the wound can heal faster and then held a ritual Mekotek . In addition , the king also said that if the ritual is not held then be exposed gerubug or lightning outbreaks.

This makes people still hold a ritual MungguMekotek until now ini.RitualMekotek should be implemented to coincide with the feast of brass , because it is pawisik obtained by the King of MengwiCokorda Made Munggu , and he said no restrictions , if the ritual is not performed it is possible Munggugerubug will hit again , so the ritual was still performed to sekarang.mari we preserve cultural heritage and ancient traditions of our ancestors.