Hey,  my full name is Putu Agus Bratayadnya, but you can call me agus and because there is many agus in Indonesia, yeah I don’t know why there is many people especially young man named agus although it is not family name, caste or even nobility name, my name is Agus just b’cause I was born on 29 August 1982, so because of it my name is Agus refer to the month that I was born. Then just call me Agus Brata for sure. It’s awesome name isn’t. Next this is my curriculum Vitae, hopely it’ll getting bigger and better.

Me, my self  just  an ordinary man, young man I mean that have dreams, those are not much dreams and not too big too, just simple but amazing, I want the friends of mine, when story about their life, they said I live when agus brata period, em its look awesome, no gain no pain. By the way I have a nice quotation that I’ll do my best. Yeah always doing your best when you have jobs. em no much can I say, I believe its biography more than enough to know about me.



Name                           : Putu Agus Bratayadnya, S.S., M.Hum.

Place &Date of Birth  : Gianyar, August 29th 1982

Sex                              : Male

Religion                       : Hindu

Marital Status              : Single

Address                       : Jl. Hanoman, no 51 Ubud-Bali

Mobile Phone              : I do not like to use mobile phone, just callin’ me via email: [email protected] make a promise or contact with me use that tool. thank you.


  1. TK. Darmapatni Denpasar 1989
  2. SDN 5 Ubud, 1995
  3. SMPN 1 Ubud , 1998
  4. SMUN 1 Gianyar , 2001
  5. Faculty of Letters, Udayana University, 2006
  6. Post Graduate School, Translation Studies, Udayana University, 2008


1.   English Lecturer  in ISI Denpasar,  2008 up to present