classic kebaya

Classic kebaya with open back models are combinedĀ  with a ballgown skirt made expands and extends the motif is very beautiful eyes. The kebaya ia a collection of Anne Avantie. The black color makes the bass look sweeter because black color is suitable for all skin types. Coupled with golden color and brown color at the bottom is very supportive of this kebaya look perfect. Alteration tradition of giving a special tourch to a special rowof contemporary customary fashion. Called contemporary because this kebaya combines classical and modern kebaya. On wonder suchn a model kebaya is much in demand by women. Kebaya is used during FASHION WEEK without added jewelry or anyting else, this kebaya still look elegant and attractive.

Fashion kebaya Indonesia is a source of cultural wealth never run outĀ  of inspiration excavated customary fashion darib modern interpretation which remains relevant to culture as inspiration for the design details are beautiful Indonesian style statemen.

clasic kebaya

clasic kebaya

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