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My Idol

          I Gede Ari Astina a.k.a Jerinx is a drummer of a famous band, Superman Is Dead. He was born in Kuta, Bali. He also known as a vocalist/guitarist of Devildice band. And running a clothing company named RMBL. The SID fans known him as the frontman of this band. He also had an activist image trough his personal facebook or twitter account, because he always raise many controversial issue like radicalism, gay and lesbian community and many more. Something that make me respecting him was his style and his songs.

Lyrics in his songs also made me feel that he was a real musician. His collaboration with the other Balinese musician that refuse a reclamation plan for Bali island make the Balinese people respecting him as an environment activist. Behind his big name as a musician, his style outside the stage was like a normal person.

Outside the music world, Jerinx also manage a clothing company labeled Rumble. This store located in Kuta, Bali. Now, he opened a store beside Museum Antonio Blanco near Tukad Campuhan bridge.

Once he becoming a vegetarian between 1997 until 2007. But, now he already eat meat again. Jerinx still not eat the four-leg animal meat.

Halo dunia!

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