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    The Flirtations Pink Evening Dress

    The design of this evening dress to take up theme of “Flirtations Pinks”. This evening dress has shaped like a mermaid skirt, tapers at the top and wide at the bottom. Wrapped at the breast high with soft shiny black silk satine material and combination with soft pink daches material. This dress look volume but still sparkling drapery at the left arm, impressive wearer to look very sexy but still elegant.

    Pink daches material is also applied at the bottom of the dress from the knees wave touching the floor made shaped flare like the tail of a mermaid. In this part, using daches material is perfect because it gives volume to the dress. The functions like a mermaid tail are the wearer doesn’t trouble when walking and to show the beautiful shape of a women’s curves. This dress looks very fascinates, strong and flirting but not lost her feminine side when sprinkled sequin accent from the breast down until the knees.

    The Evening Dress of Black Pink

    The Flirtations Pink Evening Dress

    With a tail like a mermaid style dress, we can choose any models of hair styles to be integrated, so easy and fashionable. I am here to choose high buns style and wrapped with ribbon accents that can strengthen impressed. With front bangs that hung to the left to cover the ears.

    The use of simple make up but luxury can be seen from the applied of the purple eye shadow and the peach color of blush on. And of course, the most appropriate for the selection of lipstick color is pink. It can highlight the women who are youthful and sweet. Be ready for beauty and get glam on !

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