Januari 25th, 2014


Nama : Sulistyaningsih
NIM : 201310001
Jurusan : Desain Fashion
Mata kuliah: Bahasa Inggris
Hari/Tanggal : Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

The Beauty Design Fashion

In this year many fashion design in Indonesia . Not amazed many people has to much wanted to has beauty and better fashion . This is just accustomed to this but if you wear your good fashion mush should be used with proper time and in its use and does not reduce the value of ethics and aesthetics .

Along the development era of fashion now has become a necessity that should be owned by everyone . The number of fashion models are now able to attract the attention of fashion lovers . Moreover, the revenue that is owned by a very tall man . Then the consumer desires a high price is not even become an obstacle of an effort to get the item .

As per the changing times are now the designers began to create an attractive design beautiful clothes and look perfect . This is because the amount of competition among designers who are able to indulge the wishes of the buyer . By because it is no wonder we can see the many boutique or clothing store or direct provision of disposable cloth .
Ready-made clothing is the most simple thing in finding clothes that we inggini . But because limited stock and sizes so there are many consumers do not feel fully satisfied of clothing that they want to wear . Stitches are not too good and too strong to be a problem because not a few stitches clothes purchased easily damaged because the tailor will not think about the quality .

The number of problems that occur now I want to create a fashion design which would make consumers feel comfortable and satisfied Leih . Good fashion is a fashion that would dress in accordance with desired by consumers and stitching quality is also good . By because it needs to be considered in a model fashion , selection of materials , stitching and stitching techniques are good .
Because many types of fabrics and fashions now I will explain the kinds of clothing . Clothing there are 2 kinds of formal and non-formal dress . Formal dress consisting of a party dress , office , bridal and fashion school uniform . Exactly the non -formal clothes like a baby doll and

From all the fashion design I wanted to design a dress made with the beauty models . Made a model like a balloon and embroidered with beads and accessories .

The Beauty Night Party Dress

In this dress I wanted made the night party with beauty design and long dress but sexy. In this I wanted selected materials from taffeta for in the bottom this dress because taffeta has character little hard and to sparkle this character good for made dress like balloon in the bottom.
Form this dress on top of from the fabric sutra has same color or one level above this material. materials silk has character like taffeta but it has soft. In front of this dress past from stomach until hip I wanted made from soft material like sifon for can made to fall down and like piled material for given new beauty.
In front of this dress I wanted to give like balloon in the bottom dress and in the shoulder and in front of form on top of I given cock bra for made exact position. In within dress I given lining from hero material this material can filled well to wear this dress and not made wet your body and not make cold.
This dress looked beauty with model like balloon in bottom and shoulder. For this relation to saw on top knee has embroidery and to given mote to made beautifully this dress. This dress has O body line in the bottom and I body line on top dress. In back dress I given string for make big if you has little fat body and to made small if you has small body.
Form like the balloon you can made with way. First you mush to made pattern and you given winnow size in first pattern sew in bottom dress to has like ballonon and the sew material you can sew to be one form and given embroidery on top of that. If you want to make beauty dress you can given mote on top of embroidery.
This dress look beauty if you can make suitable with make up and you can make your hair like balloon and you can given accessories in your hair. Given your eyes with eye shadow with light color. This dress you can wear in the night and that look perfect if you has bag and little acessories for your hand and your finger. And than you like perfect if you wear high heel.