Februari 1st, 2014

Collaborate elements of ethnic traditions with a modern twist into a design is not an easy matter. Moreover able to present a unique and elegant design. However, these challenges can pass by a famous designer, Tjok Abi. Through creative hands and imagination, Tjok Abi succeeded in creating “ethnic-modern impresion” as a hallmark in every collection design.

Tjok Abi is like designing the concept of “cocktail gown” and Tjok Abi started adding more emphasis and unique hand into her cocktail dress, especially incorporate ethnic elements in it.

Of inspiration, then the realization collection dresses “cocktail” and “evening gown” with a feminine contemporary ethnic style.

The pattern of “elegance” silhouette mini, midi and long flowing. This collection is very fibers of green shades with a pattern of “poleng” characteristic of Bali, which is made in green scratches. The more beautified with sparkling gold bandage application that symbolizes the grandeur and power indefinitely. It’s like “Ask this Segoro the South” in the silence of the night. Green became the dominant color in the collection Tjok Abi, not only symbolizes the symbolic color of “The Queen of the South Coast”, also implies an impression of nature as well as the shade.

slightly different from the first design, the second design has a length dress only to slightly above the knee or “mini dress”. Of the many collections of design Tjok Abi, almost all there is motive “poleng” which means that “Rwa ┬áBhineda” in Indonesian means is there are good and some are bad.

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Halo dunia!

Januari 31st, 2014

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