UAS BHAS INGGRIS (gaun pesta)

Januari 27th, 2014

gung sinta

This dress designed for att­­­end a night party and it very suitable for a teen girl. Who has ideal body because it is Silhouetthe “A” this dress will gives a tall body impression and slim body looks for user,silhoutthe indentation makes hip looks more shaped. This Dress without arm gives her beautiful impression on the hand.

The Sanghai Collar gives the romance at graceful of the woman in the narrative of love that will be always sprout.

The cut a line around her neck makes chest look more sexy and elegance. This dress made from sifon material because sifon is very good material to make a dress and it will be very comfortable at the time of use because it made from soft materials and lightweight,pleated of sifon on the hip is done in handmade for more decorate chest until the chest will gives luxorious impression and beatiful,equipped crystal detail and stones on the indentation as sweetener.

A little scattered on the chest with red color that known as has a characters of pupularity,love symbol,romance,it suitable at nightday.

This is my special dress that i draw by myself,i always make dress  concept and i’m very happy if i can describe my art.

Wearing Red Dress seems to be shout out

“Look At Me”

Halo dunia!

Januari 24th, 2014

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