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NAOKO TAKEUCHI is a comic artist was born on March 15, 1967. Naoko Takeuchi is the maker of the famous comic and cartoon series Sailor Moon. Naoko Takeuchi graduated from Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy.
Naoko Takeuchi won several awards, including 2nd Nakayoshi Comic Prize for Newcomers, for “Yume ja Nai no ne,” in 1985. Comic, “Love Call” also won him Nakayoshi’s New Artist award which began in September 1986 issue of “Nakayoshi Deluxe.” Later, he won the Kodansha Manga Award of the 17th to Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon, Bishojo Senshi Sera Mun?, Also known as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) is the title of a famous franchise created by Japanese manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. Tells the story of five heroic girl with the power of the solar system against various enemies from the darkness. They have a mission to find the princess moon and silver crystals.

Caution: The following sections will probably reveal the contents of an important story or the end of the story.
Bishojo Forces Beautiful Sailor Moon or Sailor Moon or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon originated from the manga which is then made ​​into anime. The success of this series took him to the big screen although still in the form of anime. Last made ​​in the form Tokutatsu.
A girl dressed in sailor (sera Fuku) bertuxedo man chasing someone and wearing a mask. Both are fighting to find Crystal Silver (Silver Crystal) who were not in the hands of the youth.
Usagi Sailor who is inspired to heroism-V, he intends to be a hero as the champion. It came true when he met with Luna that makes it turn into Sailor Moon. The struggle against the forces of evil are not alone, Usagi slowly finding new friends that also includes the royal bodyguard months. At first Sailor Moon has four friends, including Sailor-V which turned out to be Sailor Venus, the head of the royal bodyguard. Slowly, in line with the story he met with another sailor to meet with his son in the future, Chibiusa (on Super Sailormoon version).After numerous battles to raise their star power, Sailor Moon met with the sailor from another galaxy. Almost all the enemies that fight based on the month name like Half Moon, Dark Moon, Death Moon, and so forth. Of all the forces of evil that targeted the silver crystal, which allegedly has the power of infinity. There was almost no difference between the manga and anime, except for the presence of an enemy that does not exist in the manga. Other differences only when Sailor Stars, which should be all-Senshi Sailor reappeared but not in the anime version.


In sequence from the first until the last, Sailor Moon is the opposite:

* Dark Kingdom
* Makaiju Aliens (Anime)
* Black Moon
* Death Busters
* Dead Moon Circus
* Shadow Galactica & Chaos

Dark Kingdom


Makaiju Aliens








Death Busters



Black Moon




Dead Moon Circus














sailor moon





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