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tehnil remasan

tehnil remasan

Title                     :  Circle Of Colour

Description of Work   : 

The work above is an abstract image using the squeeze technique. This technique is done by coloring the paper first and squeeze it in after coloring. and the results will arise lines formed by the squeeze in the paper. So it will look like arise. Select the dominant colors in bright to be more visible contours on a paper arising from the squeeze of the paper. The paper used should have the texture of thin paper so that the paper does not appear when squeezing stiff.

Equipment and Materials :

Thick drawing paper

Thin drawing paper



The Steps to Create :                                                           

1. Prepare a paper that will be used to draw
2. Paint the paper with pastels
3. Then knead paper
4. Once completed, the lines will appear on the paper. And will look like effects arise.
5. Paste the crumpled paper with blank paper



I like to work on because of making his work very easy and uncomplicated to be made.

Halo dunia!

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