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Princess Giselle

At the task UAS English this home I would prefer to draw design clothes belonging to the family disney namely princess Giselle. Why I choose a dress belonging princess Giselle ? because dress belonging princess Giselle it looks simple but it was very graceful.

With long dress dangling pass the paw, this dress actually be very beautiful when combined with high heels. The fabric for dresses this also is very malleable and soft so comfortable to wear move. Of the arm at this dress is also unique, because doesn’t depend on your shoulders. But arm on this dress hangs in the middle of the arm the upper part of which make the wearer of this dress look a little sexy.

And accessories ribbon to bottom of the chest also increased the impression of feminist in dress. And combination of color on this dress created the character  soft the wearer. A pink, soft blue, and purple complementary on this dress. A cloth to be used when this dress actually made kind of dress is actually the material of silk and satin. Because of silk and satin it two ingredients of cloth which is very soft and flexible. According as in the figure.

Dress like this normally used on formal occasions night like : birthday party, garden party, and certain occasion have to wear a dress like princess Giselle. And then t appendages this dress should have to add the impression of glamorous.

But not all women will comfortable using dress with pieces of the upper arm being open and clear bright color like this color dress, because of its body also affecting manner of dress of a person. To woman who tend trouble with the weight they should wear a dress that is not to tight and dark colors like black. Because of a black color own will cover the part of a less perfect in our body.


Halo dunia!

Posted by putrirasta on Jan 29, 2014 in Tak Berkategori

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