Please care about your Apache HTTPD hostname

*read the post title*

Take care of your server hostname, ensure it resolvable, either by DNS query or local /etc/hosts. If none of that step is produce sufficient result, apache will refuse to start the http daemon (httpd). The point of failure that I got so far is about gethostname POSIX function that used to determine server hostname. After reading the manual page (Yeah, rite, RTFM will lead you to the source Luke!) "man hostname" referring "gethostname" POSIX function.

To solve this, check your hostname with "hostname" command and find a match ip address that pointing to that hostname on "/etc/hosts" or make sure it can be resolved by DNS query. At any case, an entry on "/etc/hosts" is the best solution for me, but it was not so flexible to handle, when any changes happened on your DNS records.

Today I get this problems on my brand new slackware web server. Hope it can help someone out there.

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