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Januari 27th, 2014


Image is a universal language and has developed before the invention of written language. Since prehistoric times humans have known the image as a primitive in such languages ​. This is evidenced by the discovery of many drawings and paintings in caves where humans lived at the time.

Along with the times, the art of drawing is also experiencing rapid evolution . Every artist or designer has their own characteristics in terms of motifs and styles.

Basically, drawing is a skill that can be learned by everyone, especially those who have a passion for learning. Drawing is a creative process that must be carried out intensively and continuously. Drawing is a form of technical exploring and style, brainstorming and creativity, it can even be an expression and self-actualization. This is also because in addition to having a practical function, drawing also has a function for psychological therapy .

For an artist, as an artist designer, skill knowledge, and insight in the absolute basic drawing techniques must be mastered as the basic process of creation. In essence, drawing is a blend of skills ( skills), the sensitivity of taste ( taste ), creativity, ideas, knowledge and insight.




I created a design that was inspired from a fairy tale or children’s story. Where demand that the majority of children through adolescence. Are still evolving to this day.

Here I make designs based on folklore because of the clothes he wore to motivate me to work.

I got the inspiration from the princess outfit which consisted of a Long Dress, or long dresses are the fabric to below the ankle. In addition to luxurious clothes that look color is very much in demand by teens who love hot colors. Such as pink, yellow, blue, and others. In addition to hot colors can also be made with dark or neutral colors. Such as black. For the design, I made the top like Sabrina neck and arm slightly open so that the wearer does not feel the heat and so it feels more comfortable to use. Its midst I garnished with small knickknacks like pearls and the bottom right section expands skirt. And I made ​​the silhouette of the model A.

Then, I use colored fabrics yellow. I chose the color yellow, because yellow symbolizes patience. And it is suitable for those whose hearts are hard. If wearing a yellow color will look more mature, graceful, and more patient. Fabrics made ​​of thin fabric that looks somewhat thick piled up to make it look a bit fluffy and below me like a wave design. Like a royal princess. For accessories I use earrings yellow as well, to make it look harmonious with the used dress. For the head I also use yellow headbands. For shoes, any color can be used because the legs are not so visible. However, we recommend to use high heels shoes or wedges, so seemingly more graceful and elegant, on the other hand that the body looks more upright.

Clothing is suitable for a wedding ceremony, birthday and others. Because it has the form of glamour.




This design is suitable for women who love to look glamorous, luxurious and looks a bit heavy.

This design is also suitable for women who love women ornate and lively interest in fashion, and women who like to party.

Halo dunia!

Januari 24th, 2014

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