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wedding dress

wedding dress

I was very interested when I saw a woman wearing a wedding dress, they look very beautiful, and graceful. I designed the two wedding dresses. I basically dress designs have the same shape that fits in the top of the body from the chest to the thighs, and then expands on the knees.

The first wedding dress design is very simple, namely the top of the plain, fits in the body until the thigh, and then expands on the knees. development that I use here is a stacks in wrinkle skirt. This development can vary in various forms.

My second design is still the same that is fitted at the top and flare at the bottom, but the difference is more noticeable wedding dresses complicated than previous designs, these dresses are from the top folds up so that the wearer’s thighs look like in convolution by the fabric, and the at the bottom of this dress let it dangle.

I created a design that is very simple but the value of beauty and elegance of the dress is still visible. If you use this dress you will look like a mermaid, because its shape is like a mermaid. but no significant problems wearer’s dress will look very pretty and graceful.

You can also add accessories like necklace, bracelet, ring, or a watch to support your appearance, and do not forget the high heels because of this as the main support a woman’s elegance. another beauty of a woman is not always measured with an expensive dress or luxury items or even the splashy dress. but with a simple dress can make you look much more beautiful…










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