Vocabulary Task

 1. Block: barrier between two or more objects
2. Blow: a verb, where someone put out the wind from his mouth, or it could be the wind that blows
3. Cool: The conditions under which the temperature is in the low level
4. Corner: The place where like triangles or side of the room
5. Dust: a verb which is a small thing that can make a sneeze or cough
6. Fan: a verb that can produce winds causing cold air
7. Flow: something that flows to generate waves
8. Inch: the length of about 1/12 inch or 2.45 cm feet
9. Laptop: is a portable computer that is easy to carry around
10. Overheat: hottest temperature of the air
11. Paper: objects made of wood, then used as wood pulp, and printed. so we can write on it
12. Plastic: an object that is difficult to recycle
13. Prevent: keep occur or arise. Stop (someone or something) from doing something in certain        circumstances
14. Space: the distance of a variety of objects
15. Square: having four equal sides and four right angles or forming a right angle

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