Nama: Ni Made Sulandari

Nim     : 201310027

Prody  : Desain Fashion


This casual outfit look so perfect when used by women to travel out of the house.  This relatively relaxed fashion clothing that can be used anywhere in events that are not too formal, such as : lunch, a walk, and go to campus.

This outfit  is widely used by young women because fashion is simple but trendy. Which makes is easy to move and actifity.

By inside of the using casual clothes with round neckline. This  neckline is usually used in casual clothes that are not complicated to use. Garnish awarded in the neck with  of small folds. This outfit uses a very short sleeves. The size of the clothes are made to follow the body. Suitable materials used to make this outfit is from jersey material. Outer section combined with the use cardigans. This cardigan is open at the front. Using refer collar, which combined with the measuring arm to below the elbow. Long cardigan are made only up to the waist. Cardigan is also the size of the clothes are made to follow the body. Suitable material used to make the cardigan is made from a comfortable material.  So that people who use this outfit looks beautiful and suitable for use. And looks more trendy, fashionable. Then at the bottom of the clothing using trousers. Trousers using size fitting on the foot. Materials that can be used jeans or cotton fabric that resembles jeans.

Order to complete the look. Can use the accesories such as: belts, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. And can use wadges shoes or high hills. The accesories each item has a different function. Accesories used must also match the color of clothing worn, make it look more harmonius and balanced.  To make it look more beautiful. But do not use excessive accesories, because it will have a tacky impression. wear accecories taste.


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