How to Raise Teenagers According to Indonesian

Educating adolescents who have become adults is not easy, but not impossible. In the right way, the child will become a great person in the future. However, to conquer adolescents is not easy. Remembering adolescence is a transitional period. Where most of the children will do rebellion and juvenile delinquency.

For those of you who want your children to grow up to be extraordinary children, with strong characters and come out as successful students, be sure to follow a number of easy tips for educating teenagers below.

Allow Children to Socialize with the Environment

When children enter their teens, children will enjoy exploring their surroundings. They are more engrossed in school friends or playing outside than spending time with you.

When this happens, you don’t have to worry and worry. Let children socialize with each other in a new environment. As long as the socializing methods used have a positive impact, such as following extracurricular activities or activities in the environment.

By socializing, children will learn new things, practice leadership attitudes, and how to make the right decisions when they get into trouble. Children will be more independent.

Make yourself a friend

Sometimes when your child is in their teens, they will move away from you. The main cause is the difference in seeing something. This is very natural, considering the age range you and your baby are far apart.

Start entering the world of teenagers, understand what is trending, and learn about their psychology. This will make it easier for you to educate your teenager. So, so that you don’t get away from your children, the best way is to make yourself a friend, not a parent. Friends are figures that children will look for to simply complain about.

By being a friend to your baby, you can monitor, provide input without appearing to be patronizing, and control their growth and development. Another benefit, you and your child will become closer because they often spend time together.

Give Trust and Responsibility

The role of parents is important, but do not always lead children to follow your wishes. Allow the child to try something or decide something for himself. Give them trust and responsibility so that they can be more independent and less dependent on you.

This is very beneficial for children when they are adults. Apart from giving this trust and responsibility, also provide signs that the child should not pass. For example, they can go out with friends to play late into the night, but you also have to give the child the responsibility to get home on time. This is an effective way of educating adolescents.

Appreciate Children’s Interests and Thoughts

As a parent, you often feel you know and are always right about what is good for your child. However, without realizing it, sometimes it is not exactly what you think. Not infrequently, your thoughts are different from the thoughts of children. Coercion on children will only make them feel pressured and even do bad things, such as juvenile delinquency.

When not appreciated, teenagers will curb their feelings and when their parents ask about themselves, teenagers tend to lie. When that happens, you need to apply and give consequences to teenagers who lie.

To prevent these situations, it’s best to allow children to dare to express their opinions. Appreciate his thoughts and opinions. In this way, the child will understand and respect you more. The relationship between you and your child will be even more harmonious. Don’t determine the future, but direct them by appreciating every interest and talent of the child.

Teach Religious Education

Religion is important for the family. Implement religious education as early as possible so that children do not fall into wrong associations. However religious education is a strong foundation for a person’s character.

By following some of the tips for educating teenagers above, you will have no trouble educating teenagers. Good luck!