NIM       : 201310048


Wedding gown

          The combination of red and blue looks interesting. Red which means bold and blue which means victorious or prosperous making this gown looks so pretty. With a high collar and long legs, making women who use it look graceful and elegant. This gown is suitable for use by 15 years and older.

Not only when married, but this gown can also be used for other events like: when singing, fashion show and so on. With a natural make-up will add more beautiful effect for the wear. Sheen on the fabric motif makes fancy effect.

Combined with a red cloth and supported based on the motifs of various colors give the impression of happiness. Moreover, is supported by high shoes that sparkle blue with variation on the shoes looks very harmonious.

And everyone who uses would certainly look beautiful, graceful, elegance like a royal princess.

In Indonesia, this gown is a costumes clothing. But, because of changing times, little by little it changed the more modern gown. With increasingly good material as well. Is in accordance with the present age, modern impressed but did not leave the customs and culture.

Originally gown is not so long, the size of a down ass up. But due to the development of more advanced age, gown is also getting longer.

And the resulting impression is; beautiful, attractive, elegant, graceful, and unique.


Halo dunia!

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