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Lans Brahmantyo

Lans brahmantyo is a graphic design that is professional. Many works of photography and book design is very nice and interesting. In addition Lans brahmantyo also get a category of comic books, illustration, custom board games and toys. Here is a profile of Lans brahmantyo.
Lans Brahmantyo, born in Surabaya in 1966. Has always been passionate about architecture and visual graphics since his youth. Despite his academic background in Electrical Engineering and MBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Denver, Brahm ultimately went back to graphic design as a profession. He was a Teaching Assistant at the Graduate School of Business as well as a Computer Lab Supervisor managing various computer platforms such as Mac OS, Novell Netware, MS-DOS, NeXTstep and Unix before working for the visionary Steve Jobs, at the time with his NeXT Computer Inc., as a Campus Consultant for colleges within Metro Denver area. In 1993, Brahm with his American buddy set up Q• Image & Advertising which eventually folded out as economic recession hit the U.S. Back in Jakarta at the end of 1994, Brahm worked as an Art Director at Satukata Advertising until 1995 when his after-hour jobs proved too much to handle while still being employed and founded Afterhours Group.
Afterhours grew exponentially even during the big economic crisis. In 2000, Brahm co-founded Hexart Publishing that publishes fine-art books featuring famous painters in Indonesia. In 2001, Afterhours Group Denver office was initiated and has been striving ever since. In 2004, Brahm also co-founded Red & White Publishing (R&W) focusing on international-quality arts & culture coffee table books. Brahm went for a solo photography exhibition and launched a book titled ‘Soul Odyssey’ in May 2005, which eventually was awarded at the Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) and featured in length by the prestigious Leica Fotografie Internationale (LFI) in 2007 as well as winning the Asia Gold Award at the Photo City Sagamihara Tokyo in 2008 and exhibited at the Nikon Headquarters. His design works have also been awarded by Neenah Paper, Scopa, Art Directors Club etc. and showcased in various international books and publications. In 2009, R&W published one of the best-selling books ever in Indonesia entitled “Harus Bisa” which netted about 500,000 copies and still counting. But most importantly, Afterhours Group has maintained a long list of loyal, long-standing multinational corporations as clients—the ultimate award of being graphic designers. A father of four boys, Brahm currently lives in Jakarta.

Here are the results of the earlier work of Lans brahmantyo

Lans Brahmantyo (Afterhours) – Book“Soulscape Road” – Spread

Lans Brahmantyo (Afterhours) – Book “Land of Water” – Cover

Lans Brahmantyo (Afterhours) – Book “Bromo – The Majestic Mystical Mountain” – Cover

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