Iin KNatalia

DKV '14 (NR)

ENGLISH TASK : Vocabulary

Iin Kurniati Natalia ( 201406076 )

BLOCK A wood that was cuted
BLOW A verb, where someone make out a wind from her mouth like when you blowing a birthday candle
COOL It’s about temperature or weather
CORNER Corner A place where the place like a triangle
DUST A smooth dust that bring by the wind
FAN A thing that work for make a place cool
FLOW A kind of wave that is often found in water
INCH Inch is a America standart metric squad
LAPTOP A portable computer that so flexible. All the hardware in one and it has a battery that can be recharge
OVERHEAT Making something hot being so hot
PAPER A piece that made from wood for writing
PLASTIC A synthetic thing that have many colors
PREVENT Keep from happening or arising. Stop (someone or something) from doing something in a certain state
SPACE The distance that near or far between 2 things
SQUARE An area that confined with 4 lines

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