Morning on The Kusamba Beach

Posted by kartikasunjaya on Januari 28, 2014
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It is a landscape photo that I liked, I took this photo in Kusamba beach located in Klungkung. Why I like this photo because this is my first timephotographing the landscape and this is the best result of my landscape photo.

In addition I also like the colors. The combination of the colors  to form an attractive combination. The bright yellow, light blue, and dark colors make this photo look more dynamic

This photo also has a texture composition that I liked. There are rocks at the bottom of the photo and at the top there is a cloud texture

In this photo there is object. The object is a boat that I compose  the object into the right focus of interest

I setted my camera with aperture of f/22, exposure time 1/20 secon, iso 100 and  I was using a standard lens with a focal length 18.

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