Jan 27

Hi hallo bonjour that’s all I wanna say to you. This is my first blog. Actually, I made it because this is part of my final exam. But I’ll try to active to write anything, everything. But first, pardon my english. I had very bery bad grammar. Oh I have to fix it immediatly. Whait, I forget to introduce my self. Hi, I’am Yuniorika. You can call me rika or just yuniorika. I’m a fashion design student in ISI Denpasar. And I’m a first year student. Some people ask me ” Why did you take Fashion Design ? ” Basically I love all about Fashion. I like designing something about fashion like shirt, skirt, outer, shoes, bag, etc. I love to be a fashionable person. But I’ll try not just to write about fashion but also what I like , what I through, what I love. Hope you enjoy my blog. Oh well , if you wanna make little chit chat, give a comment. A tout aller.


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