Jan 27

1601526_574545745959601_1395067593_nLate night, 3 weeks ago while listening my mixtape including best coast in it. You don’t know what is ‘ Best Coast ‘ ? Well , that is a good ( way better than good ) band from california. You have to check it up real soon. That band who inspired me to create this design. I named it ” I can be your favorite summer. ” Simple cutting, bright colour, colourful patern. Is’nt that so summer ? White bateau neckline ( wide horizontal, high in front and back ) , set in sleeve ( high rounded sleeve cap ) , mini pants with two pockets in front. Simple is new perfection.

Wear this to pieces to go to sunset beach party with your girl friends. With flawless make up and bright socks and also transparant boots or jelly wedges, you got their eyes. Go flirthing, have fun. Or, you can wear these when you want to ride you bicycle through the rise paddies in ubud on sunday morning. Don’t forget to make a mixtape before to accompany you through the day with your bike. Heavenly.

And if you don’t want to look to bright, just took your favorite sport shoes in white or other calm colourand your white socks. But please do not choose the black one. Oh you’ll just ruin your summer with black. BIG NEY ok.

I forget about the accecories. You can wear a few rings, unique rings, or your DIY ring. Don’t forget about neon bracelets. Make a statement girl. And bag, use your totebag. Just to bright ? You feel shy ? Oh come on girl, just remember life is to short to wear boring clothes.

Oh yea , you can wear these also to go to movie theather with your boyfriend or your very very close boy friend. You want to own their eyes ? Just try my tips. Not only their eyes, you’ll own their heart. Like indonesians said, ” From eyes to the heart.”

Now, I think you are ready to go to wherever you want to go. Sunset beach party, ubud, movie theather, somewhere else, you just ready. Cross your fingers girl, you’ll own some people eyes. Good luck !




Jan 27

Hi hallo bonjour that’s all I wanna say to you. This is my first blog. Actually, I made it because this is part of my final exam. But I’ll try to active to write anything, everything. But first, pardon my english. I had very bery bad grammar. Oh I have to fix it immediatly. Whait, I forget to introduce my self. Hi, I’am Yuniorika. You can call me rika or just yuniorika. I’m a fashion design student in ISI Denpasar. And I’m a first year student. Some people ask me ” Why did you take Fashion Design ? ” Basically I love all about Fashion. I like designing something about fashion like shirt, skirt, outer, shoes, bag, etc. I love to be a fashionable person. But I’ll try not just to write about fashion but also what I like , what I through, what I love. Hope you enjoy my blog. Oh well , if you wanna make little chit chat, give a comment. A tout aller.


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