knights war

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Description knights war

The story of this painting take story of the war which took a valiant knight fighting the enemy with arms, knights are always fighting an enemy with a precision war tactics in the war with fix instinct that makes his enemies could not succeed. He mastered the technique of fencing high level that nobody could match his power in the region . He is respected and feared in almost all districts corner power.
Then, after winning the war the knight felt that he should travel, greater command of knowledge that he ever feared, not only in the area of ​​power only, but also all over the place that no man of his . It’s already moved on and while fighting with the enemies that he found it was in quotes as the swordsman ” knights war ” and he continues to improve its ability to travel sword .
Knights are very good at fighting until he greatly admired by the people
.                                 Description knights war

Description knights war

title :knight war

Size :Drawing book A4 30X21 cm


This painting tells the valiant knights in combat enemies on the battlefield, I was inspired by the war stories that bring a knight of the sword.
That is all I can you describe about my painting is, if there is one I said I’m so sorry and thank you

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