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Januari 25th, 2014

Nama : Ni Kadek Eva Dwi Lestari

Nim     : 201310026

Prodi   : Desain Fashion

A piece  of a very elegant fashion design but still looks graceful this used by the model, in a dress designed by well-known designer uses the reflection  of “A” silhouette that gives the impression of looking  younger  , more daring , and in the match by a brownish gold colour fancy dress it looks more beautiful in this fashion, using the technique of oversla, so the pattern formed parts of the chest which is quite sexy. Using a slick arm in  slight variation on the bottom  give the sleeves and at the bottom that expands.

Clothing is usually in use at the time of the event night party and fashion show at the night. Because clothing with gold colour is more friendly  with lamp and night, like sparkling on the colour it looks so. Will be center of attention around us.

If in such a fashion note has experienced many changes the shape of the neck line of the increasingly bold for we and this forms the bottom of the dress over knee or in terms of clothing called “mini”.

In my opinion,  I really like the design of this dress is elegant, unique, simple and of course being the center of attention. If the combine with design of this design she’s anne avantie will seem increasingly high price, anne avantie is identical to the paper that is stusses with sequins ( the beads) full of clotes to the bottom, if in the same fashion take for example, if  you want to add to the more lucrative sale price we can give a little beads on the bottom line, neck or arm that seemed to be the focal point for people who looked at it.

Material in use for this fashion are more likely wear a slightly , material in order to be comfortable in use such a silk, polyester and still many types according to tase. The speaker also in need on this fashion because on the arm so that it looks a bit stern impression.

Accecories can be used to support from fashion it self as the belt in place adds to the impression of a slim model, and other support as well as make up and shoes also supports to create a masterpiece to be perfect.


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Januari 24th, 2014

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