The Motion of Cendrawasih

Posted by EKA KUSUMA on Jan 28, 2014 in Tak Berkategori

Cendrawasih PIC

These pictures I’ve take in slow motion. I have taken a dance gesture of photograph. I choose Balinese dance because I love all about Balinese culture which one Balinese dance. One of Balinese dance is Cendrawasih dance, this dance review about the Cendrawasih Bird. The Cendrawasih dance has meaning that we have to preserve and protect scare fauna, in order not to be extinct, and its population remains maintain. This dance also describes liveliness of Cendrawasih bird eager to play chasing in its community.

The Cendrawasih dance is creation of maestro Balinese lady who name is N. L. N Swasthi Wijaya Bandem for festival held by Walter Spies Organization in 1988 (hhtp;//www.indonesiapdx.org/the-beautiful-cendrawasih-dance/). So the moral message from this dance is we all know the Cendrawsih bird just only life in Indonesia, no one has Cendrawasih bird just only Indonesia so that we must safe our fauna for next generation, and also keep the   culture everlasting.

Actually these pictures I’ve take for my photography class assignment. The techniques of this photograph are, I use a slow speed or slow sync techniques, I choose Bulb dial mode in camera and I press the shutter button until the sound “beep” on. If the object focus accuracy press full of the shutter button. And then holds up the shutter, don’t forget to turn on the continuous light so the motion effect will be record in Camera’s sensor. After that command the dancer to move slowly during we hold the shutter camera. And at the time, pause the movement of the dancer, and command to dancer to standby with one of dance gesture whatever she wants. And turn on the flash with ½ power or higher. And don’t forget to use a black color background. The black color background makes a solid image. And finally this is the motion of Balinese culture origin from Indonesia “the Motion of Cendrawasih” enjoy that.


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