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Casual style, it usually wear for relax and simple style. It usually combine with other kind of clothes when it wear.

The color of the casual style are not should looks like party dress.

This design use “siluet X” is model of dress has the big model on the top side, small model on the waist, and big model on the bottom side. Some body usually call “siluet S”.

Casual look

Casual look

These are descriptions about casual style design :

  • Neckline : On the neckline side is wrapped neckline ( this neckline same like V neckline, but there are  two needlework that follow the V shape ).
  • Sleeves : On the sleeves side is batwing sleeves ( batwing sleeves is the wide sleeves to the waist, and than  the puff, there is wrinkles on the bottom of  that).
  • On the waist : On the waist side, we are can wear belt with medium size. Purpose is to protusion gesture of the waist.
  • Skirt : On the skirt, design by bell skirt model ( that is  be the right size skirt  on the waist and wide on the bottom. We are can give periphery with same motive ).
  • Shoes : To support  casual style that we want to use, we can wear with chunky boot shoes with match color. (chunky boot shoes is boot shoes but has higheel).
  • Linning : For linning to support casual style, we are can wear torso with different color. And than we are can get the sexy casual style.
  • Color of dress : This design I use soft color that is golden brown with blue color on the linning.
  • Make up : For make up casual style, we are can use soft make up to support our syle with simple hair make up.

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