28th Januari
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Tartan Design red and black color combination makes it look more elegant, with shaped box. This dress is suitable for use at night, or the evening party with a neat style rolled up.Tartan motif bos shape is not only suitable for dressmaterials. However this motif can also be used on pants,hats,skirt,shirts etc. Red color have a meaning brave and black color have a mean of exotic.CASSUAL TARTANMakes who wears this dress look elegant, contident,and feminime. For high heels shoes 12cm.Hair accesories rolled up , don’t use much accesoriest that doesn’t look good.Erring adorned with sparklingblack plushon the ear, straith fabriclook so sexy in every curve of the body that wears the dress.How to wear this dress very easy and simple from the bottom in fitting it to body and close the zipper at the back.