Casual Cloth

Casual cloth

casual cloth

casual cloth

I would like to discribe my design that a simple and interest, I design a cloth who look interest when we wear that especially use by teenagers. I design this cloth for teenagers 17th and i design the cloth match for winter and in my design i combine a serval cloth who can attract the teenagers where the design of the match for the winter. consist of scraf, shoes, pants, and jacket. This cloth use by people who live in winter, many people who need this cloth especially to go to a place cold temperature. I design a cloth look very interst because uniqueness the cloth so that this cloth not it just look to different, not only cloth but also combine many colour and seems to be interest.

in this design i use more light colour, like pink and blue and then some colour i add like a gold colour in this design i not focus the jewelry because this cloth only match in cold weather. so this design i not additional the jewelry like a necklace, this cloth i design for teenagers. The design i focus with pink colour because i think the pink colour usually imaging the teenangers, in my design i add flowers element and also i add other ornament.

No more variation i add in my design, beside design from cloth model and colour i design choose fabric comfortable when use that, that fabric smooth, thick, and fabric comfortable when use and look elegant. In my design i focus about the comfortable the cloth when use it, because this cloth not use for recreation place but only use when cold weather so not maching it for add more variation of jewelry.

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