Dharmawangsa, arjuna and kresna were discussing plans for the ceremony Aswamedha Yadnya on orders Bhagavan Vyasa. The purpose of yadnya is to rid the country and around the knights hwo w ns the wors on the field of Bharatha Yudha. A result of the war, many of human victims littering the world of. Therefore, very important ceremony Yadnya Aswamedha performed. Peak point in the ceremony performed a white horse burning, and than the smoke should be handful.
Narrated in the palace of Sang Hyang Varuna, he was very angry because many human corpses rotting in the ocean.Sang Hyang Varuna so can not stand the smell of the corpses. According to Sang Hyang Varuna not correct the Pandavas throw the bodies into the ocean, because the water is very useful for the prosperity of the world. Bodies should be burned first before the throw to the ocean. The Pandavas apparently less thorough.Sang Hyang Varuna then became angry, all corpses were condemned and given a life and than become a giant and Bhuta Kala. All of the giant ordered to kill the Pandavas.
Because the giant was very strong then Kalimosodo weapons can be seized from the hands of Dharmawangsa. With the weapon that Pandavas can be killed.
Finally twalen angry with all the gods. He became Ismaya and flew to Heaven, ask the spirits of the Pandavas in the Yama Loka. In Heaven, twalen damage and war with all the gods. Twalen magic in the form Ismaya Murti is very great that all the contents of fear of heaven. To mollified Hyang Ismaya, then come down Sang Hyang Tunggal (Sang Hyang Shiva).
Upon his arrival Twalen reported intentions, and please to be turned on Pandavas. Sang Hyang Tunggal it would be gracious tirta Kamandalu, and Twalen back into the world to revive the Pandavas again.

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