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In this modern era, many clothing products are popping up. As the time like this, a model of clothing is very diverse. Lost of the people watching the race track fashion trend. Here, i made one design woman’s clothing that is long dress. Now days not only are the mini dress in favorite by woman, but the long dress become one fashion item that is currently one of the type of clothing that are very in love.

In the design of this long dress is not filled with a lot of motives. But this design also does not look simple because we can combine a variety of accessories. Nevertheles choose accessories that are not oversized and not have to look glamour excessive.

The design also uses a long dress kebaya fabric at the tip end. Long dress is perfect do use by woman who have a slender legs. Because, it can show slender legs and can also show the propotion of the beautiful body. Nevertheles, not all woman fit wearing a long dress. Moreover, a woman who does not have a high ideal body. Long dress would make her feel uncomfortable, and therefore the short body having anywoman should stay away from long dress.

Now this long dress is very populer with woman and often used in the many events such as at brithday parties, opening an office or while on the television music show. The design uses a long dress silhouette A, very tight at the top and at the bottom of the tufted. Made with light weight materials so that users feel comfortable.