wonderful of tegenungan

Januari 28th, 2014




This is the most my favourite landscape . The name of the waterfall is Tegenungan waterfall. It is located near sukawati. I took the photo by myself. There are some reasons why I like this photo.

The first reason is landscape. I love shooting landscape so much. I took many photos. One of them is landscape photography. I took other view such as lake, mount, sea, etc. the waterfall is just simply amazing.

the other reason is the time I was shooting was perfect. The sun was very good. It was the sunny day. And there was ray of light. The ray of light is the light that come through to the leaf. As you can see the photo there is lines of the light.

The third reason is slow speed. The water is remarkable. The usual water is not like this. But if you shoot with slow speed, the result of water is like cotton. you have to use the tripod if you want to shoot slow speed, if you don’t, the photo will be shaking.

The other reason is the color. For me the color is very wonderful. There are the color of the trees, water, rock, and sun light. The mixed of them is simply beautiful.  The combination of yellow, green, brown, and grey are awesome. That combination brings peaceful and serenity to the viewers.

copyright by Arief Yudo Raharjo 201308010