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1. Block : Beam (wood) or wedge to hold or hinder anything imaginable
2. Blow : air from the mouth, such as puffs
3. Cool : The cold air or low temperature weather
4. Corner : The position of the angled corner of the place
5. Dust : something that makes sneezing or coughing when on the nose
6. Fan : The electronic device cooling fan
7. Flow : flow like a river
8. Inch : The length of about 1/12 inch or 2.45cm feet
9. Laptop : All the hardware in one and has a battery that can recharge. and can carry around
10. Overheat : The heat is something that exceeds normal limits
11. Paper : The place for writing or drawing made of wood choices
12. Plastic : The elastic something that can not be recycled
13. prevent : something that does not want to happen
14. Space : The empty space or distance
15. Square : Having four equal sides and four right angles or forming a box. such as cube

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