Legong Dance



Information :

Iso                           : 100

Diafragma             : 14

Speed                       : 6” sec

Make                       : Canon

Model                     : Canon EOS 60D

Lens                        : EF-S18-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS


Legong dance in Bali’s cultural treasures belong to a kind of classical dance since the beginning of its development stems from the royal palace in Bali . The first dance can only be enjoyed by the royal family in their neighborhood that is in the palace as a dance entertainment . The dancers who had been asked to the dance in the presence of a king will certainly feel a great pleasure , because not just anyone should get into the palace . When viewed from the root , Legong is derived from the word ” leg ” which means flexible or elastic and the word ” gong ” means gamelan . Both the root of the word is taken together will mean the movement of highly bound ( especially accentuation ) by the accompanying gamelan .Regarding the creation of the beginning of the Legong dance in Bali is through a very lengthy process . According to the Babad Dalem Sukawati , Legong is created based on a dream I Dewa Agung Made Karna , the king of Sukawati who reigned in 1775-1825 AD When he did penance at Pura Agung village Ketewel Jogan ( Sukawati region ) , he dreamed of seeing fairies are dancing in heaven . They danced by using headdress made ​​of gold .

I chose this photo because I like the photo with the theme of the dance, I like to see the motion arising from the movement of the dancer .

copyright by Agus Purwadinata_201308026