My Design

Many people says the inspiration coming from everywhere. It was coming when you feel nice and calm. The inspiration will make you created something new, and it’s first step to be someone who creative.

That’s same with me now. I created a casual dress design. My design inspired by one of idol group who coming from South Korea. Their style always looks interesting in their concert and many another show. But their dress are not match, if you wear it to work. So I created the design that more simple than their dress.


My design is simple dress with T silhouette and horseshoe shaped neckline. It has french sleeves also. The dress made of spandex fabric with black color. I chose black color because the black color are classic and glamour. Spandex fabric become my choice because the fabric are cool and absorb sweat.

You can wear this dress to go to office ,campus, and even to go to the party. If you want to wear this dress to go to office or campus, you only add wearing a blazer, casual shoes like flat shoes or wedges  and  without many accessories, that’s look casual and formal. But, if you want to wear this dress to go to party, you must match it with silver or gold accessories . You could wear high heels to look more glamour and elegant.

This dress is suitable for woman who are slim because this dress is very accentuate the curve waist of wearer. But if the dress is wear by woman who are fat then it will be more fat  because spandex  fabric give full effect for this dress.


Halo dunia!

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