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Afriyanti Tan is not the first designer to realize a childhood dream into a series fashion collection. But the sweet, innocent, and naive at the childhood dreams that she embodied for me too attractive to pass up.

Still remember you whatever dreams or imaginary time. Maybe you used to dream to married with a handsome prince with white horse or a beautiful princess. Maybe you used to dream to be able to live at home pastries and sweets such as Hasell and Gretel. Maybe you used to dream to always get candy stock that never runs out but you enjoy every day. Or maybe you could ever dream of wearing beautiful dresses more like a princess on your wedding day.

Like to meet a handsome prince or beautiful princess and live in a dream state. As super delicious pastries. As the mountain of sweets very delicious. Like cotton candy that is very seductive. As a small boy smiling innocently just teething. As to the question “why”, “why” and “why” are often thrown out of the mouth of the boy who is full of curiosity. Yes, something like that childhood dream, beautiful, sweet, innocent, naive, headedness, as in fairy land. Fairytale.

by afriyanti tan

wedding dress by afriyanti tan

Similar to everyone else, Afriyanti Tan also has a childhood dream. All dreams are beautiful, sweet, and nai ve typical children. The dreams which she tried to make happen in a creation fashion which she gave the title “Sugar Dream”.

Wedding dresses is her specialization. In this gown, Afriyanti Tan work into interpretation of candy sweetness that he had enjoyed as a child. Candies and marshmellow melted ever in her tongue represented to the details puffy and game volume on the dress. Silhouette she show dominated by bloated and blooms on the skirt with the selection of materials with a soft texture. This gown, Afriyani Tan can be used by adult women at the time of prawedding photo session or when the wedding procession.

The color palette she chose in this wedding gown is the result gradation of white to pastel colors are bright and then followed by a stronger colors are orange and red in this gown.

These colors are the implementation of joy and youthful spirit that she wanted to capture the series collection. Gradations of color are present on a series of wedding dresses was leaving his own sweet impression. If beautiful white color blends with the colors brighter, the colors do not necessarily blend. Bright colors are there just as a frame. Like a mix of bright colors that had been given around the white candy that makes it look more attractive and more beautiful.

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