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Casual clothing

The development of fashion in the world very rapidly. It’s a common things that the society find and change the way they dress. However,when they dressed still have to use some rules. Depending  on where ,who,and function of cloth that going to be made. There are two elements in  the way people dressed:

  1. Formal Clothing , which includes ; school clothes, working uniform, sportwear.
  2. Non- Formal , which includes ; leisure clothing , pijamas ,etc.

And  accessories as supporting the appearance when dressed ,namely ;

Head  dress : scruncies ,headband , ribbons,hats, earring.

Decoration Neck : necklace and marshall.

Ornament hand : bracelets and gloves.

Decoration bodies : belt.

Decoration feet :  socks,shoes, and sandals.

All the elements these elements is essential .  Only, which distinguishes between types of clothing are male or female. The most important thing is the comfortness. Sometimes people make good clothes ,but are not comfortable when they wearing it. Try to choose a fabric that is comfortable while trying to make the clothes fit the model clothes. Example :

Clothing sleep or exercise clothing, select fabric that is soft and easy to absorb than well as children cloth.

Dress Casual, choose a comfortable fabric with soft colors according to fashion.

Base on the description above it, so i start to bring the work in the form of clothing design is as follows :







Casual Clothing

 Clothing that i made is quite in fashion formal has some function as a party dress and casual dress for rekreation with models consist of :

Using the collars ” Victorian Blouse” ( which is already on the variation).

Using the model of the arm ” French“.

And pants model “Draped Knickers“.

The top of the outfit blends with the bottom of the clothes (pants). Cloth material used is the fabric ” Lycra”. For the collar patterned silk material ,combined with a bit of lace – lace on remple silk fringe at the collar.

The purpose people collar ” Victorian Blouse” to represent  feminime,but still elegant also with the arms and part of the models as well as comfortable casual clothing. This dress can be combined with accessories such as : earrings, bracelets, and high heels or boot heels.  To make it look more simple, use accessories with simple models as well. Starting from it’s color and shape. Also use a soft makeup on the face.


From the explanation above it,someone going to use some find of clothing they have to concern about the concept or the activity where they used it and of course the comfortable will emerged the sense of comfidence when they using it.




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