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Clothes that I have described is the wedding dress . This wedding dress is usually used by women in general to get married . This wedding dress is very simple but elegant model . Women who use it will surely look beautiful on her wedding time . This dress is simple but seemingly luxurious . By using this dress will not diminish the meaning of marriage .
This wedding dress uses pentagon-shaped neckline . That the model without the use of arms . Length until it touches the floor . On the back like a tail . It adds this dress more beautiful . Then the combined ribbon waist section . To look graceful dress . This dress has two layers . Section it from materials that are not translucent and shiny teran while the outer section using bright translucent materials .
The size of the wedding dress should be appropriate and fitting to the body to use . Because the dress is not suitable for use in a state of greatness or smallness . The materials used to make the gowns are usually made ​​from sparkling . Examples such as silk satin , silk . Depending on the person using it , preferring to use any material .
Decoration that can be used on the dress is sequins , pearls , etc. . The decoration is very supportive of the good clothing deemed to be more luxurious look .

Wedding accesories used in women usually use the necklace , earrings , bracelet . Using high hiils to be more visible level . Accessories are used to support the appearance of women who would pull married


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