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Feb 1


Posted on Sabtu, Februari 1, 2014 in Tak Berkategori

Kebaya is named ” Swangaloka ” combination between traditional and modern models . Short and long -sleeved kebaya is kebaya of a bygone era . But it will be combined into the latest model kebaya off today . The kebaya made ​​of lace , brocade , and lace patterned giving rise to the impression of beauty . Brown and blue colors create the impression that beautiful chime . Models the kebaya bermodif the neck and chest , there is also rock crystal blue and brown color combination is very harmonious with brocade . Accent back strap blue ribbon section . With the mini skirt underneath woven blue and brown that looks so pretty . Accents tail dangling down stacked two layers of patterned batik cloth and similar glass cloth is so thin and light so it looks beautiful when the floating glass cloth .
Whose jeweled hair neat and bersanggul and there is a head ornament , very simple but elegant look . Silver colored high heel and gold looks very pretty foot . From the head to toe look very graceful so for the wearer . Kebaya can also be used during the event preweeding .


Jan 30

Halo dunia!

Posted on Kamis, Januari 30, 2014 in Tak Berkategori

Selamat Datang di Blog Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar. Ini adalah post pertama anda. Edit atau hapus, kemudian mulailah blogging!