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    Januari 26th, 2014Muji HutamiKarya, Tulisan

    Chic and Young

    Hello! I’m Muji Hutami, you can call me Tami. This is my design for you guys. Ok, I’ll describe my design with the title of “Chic and Young”. This concept is loaded with modern impression, elegant and powerful. Point of this concept was inspired by the character of teenagers who want to look elegant yet young impressed. Feminism impression and elegant in this fashion apply oblique necklines, asymmetrical skirt, as well as crease detail and pleated ruffles on the waist. Unity bead detail embodied chic combination of pleated ruffles that looks quite innovative and modern.

    Chic and Young-mujihutami

    That design in soft color option like yellow. The choice of color is considered a prominent effect when compared with other colors. The bright color especially yellow looks friendly if combined with other colors. Moreover yellow is very suitable  for white skin or black skin. The effect of this point is perfect for celebrating in the middle of a big event like 17th birthday party  in particular.

    Meanwhile, Accessory like a rose on the head strengthens this concept. Roses usually dominate with red but now features a pink color can reflect chic , tenderness and love that radiated. This flower has a meaning for teenagers that will show more adult like cracking and more beautiful. Accessories are not excessive and natural makeup will show off your beautiful aura and accentuates the appearance even more. Brown wedges that gives elegance impression is perfect paired with this dress. In addition unity jewel on the shoes on the shirt support the appearance. You will look luxurious and elegant.

    For those of you who want to be the center of attention is perfect with this design. You’ll be the belle of the prom queen and a birthday party especially your special event. Skirt which is not to dangle to the floor will make you free to move. With a smile that broke and supported by bright colors of clothing, will make all eyes are on you. Accessory in the head are made of lightweight materials that will not make your head movement is interrupted. You can dance with someone special and can maximize your movements. Thin fabric and cool with layers in it will make you comfortable without sweating, so it can be used in indoor or outdoor event. Even so, it will make your special day extra special.

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