A Simple and Romantic Wedding Dress by Oki Wong

Wedding ceremony is a ceremony when both man and woman make a very strong bond and it is based by a very deep love of each other.

wedding dress

wedding dress

On a wedding ceremony, the bridewoman should be weard a beauty and luxurious wedding dress. As shown on the side picture. Commonly, a wedding dress is using silhouette L with strapless necklines. While the dress length is up to touch the floor with additional of jewels and mottes which are made with beautiful pattern. This dress also using ruffles which is made by siffon cloth so it looks so pretty. To make is more luxurious looking, this dress also bring more accessories like jewels and crowns.

Different with a luxurious conventional wedding dress, desaigner Oki Wong made a simple and romantic wedding dress rather than the other one. Commonly, the dress used for wedding is white coloured, with silhouettes which shows the beauty of a woman.

This completely white wedding dress brought to a dress can be used for every condition. From a so simple wedding or an open public wedding.  For example simple wedding is a private wedding like a family accompained wedding,  an open public wedding with beach atmosphere. The model who wears this dress as seen a romantic modern bride with a white detailed wedding dress. Everything is in the white color which is a symbol of holy and purity. White color is not only a symbol of holy and purity but also makes the person who using a white wedding dress will look more natural beauty.

wedding dress by oki wong

wedding dress by oki wong

Different with the other commonly wedding dress, this dress is combined with a pant while the look still seems romantic. This simple design beautied with a detail of ribbon in various size, also sweetened with embroidered motte and crystal to improve a luxurius impression on the dress.

Maenwhile, the silhouette of this dress is formed by silhouette A. This dress is using strapless necklines by adding various sized ribbon on an arm part of this dress so it seems sweet while on the bottom part is using a short pant. And for make is prettier, this dress comes with a white small bag as its accessories. The basic materials of this dress are hokky lace, voile cotton cloth, rubiah, japan lace, and organza.

This very simple wedding dress is make for person who doesn’t like using a thick wedding dress because the thick wedding dress will makes the user feeling hot and sweaty. As foreign people, they don’t like to wear a thick wedding dress. They need a thin and light wedding dress. That’s why Oki Wong made this very simple and light wedding dress. This simple wedding dress will makes the bridewoman easier to wear.

Not just a simple wedding dress, make up also simple and natural so they make bridewoman so beautiful naturally.

Because of it, i like this simple and romantic wedding dress so much.

Halo dunia!

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