Cerita Anakku 1

Bratan Lake Tour

by Lintang

Hello ..

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we are gong to start our tour. My name is Lintang. I am your guide for today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are gong to visit Lake Bratan. Soon we will arrive at Lake Bratan. If you see, in the left and right of the street, we have a beautiful view because we are in a mountain. It was quite cooling up the mountain to Lake Bratan (1200 meters above sea level)

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, we just arrived at Lake Bratan. Lake Bratan formed because the crater of Mount Catur Volcano that are in-active and filled water. And, here was a temple called Pura Ulun Danu or Ulun Danu Temple. You can come here with your family with more than 2 hours from Badung.

Lake Bratan is open at 7 a.m – 5 a.m. For car entrance Rp.3.000. There are toilets, a nominal charge, a small shop, and playground for children.

Here you can rent a motorboat and roads across the lake, paragliding (but its sometimes offered in the lake), explore the beautiful mountain scenery, sailing, and waterskiing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s all about Lake Bratan. Do you have any questions?

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, do you enjoy your trip today? I hope so. Now we must back to the hotel. Actually, we also will go to Singaraja. But it was quite far from here and the time is not sufficient because we spent much time here. So we will continue tomorrow. Thank you for joining our tour, have a nice rest, and see you on the next trip.